Wait, What?

Everything is Moist — A Subterranean Example

New York Commute vs. Los Angeles Commute

New York Changing: Better or Worse

Where Have All the NYC Prostitutes Gone?

Video: MTA Tells Us What it Thinks of Us

A Raccoon in New York?!

Garbage, Garbage Everywhere

New York City — Town of Pussies

Hey MTA, What’s “Late Nights,” Exactly?

Why Uber/Lyft Suck in New York

Top Hamburgers in New York

Store Selling Only Hoodies? Yeah, NYC’s Got That

Kiosk for Used Needles? Yeah, NYC’s Got That

Great, Now NYC’s Cockroaches Might Take Flight

Top Hot Dogs in New York

Streets Strewn with Drug Baggies? Yeah, NYC’s Got That

Why is NYC Adding Crosswalk Buttons?

NYC Election Day Ridiculousness

MTA’s Disrespect of Subway Riders Knows No Bounds

Ydanis Rodriguez — Hypocritical Council Member

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