New York Commute vs. Los Angeles Commute

As you read this site, you might see many New York vs. Los Angeles comparisons. That’s because I used to live in and still love Los Angeles and only moved back to this wretched place for a woman (see the About page for scintillating details).

So here is the first of said comparisons — the commute.

This is my commute here in lovely New York.


Notice all the people jammed into a small space (many of them are likely moist, by the way). It looks like that lady in the middle is plotting a purse snatching. That guy sitting down might be dead. I’m not sure. But just look how comfortable everybody seems.

Now, here is my commute in sunny Los Angeles.


That’s a 2006 Dodge Charger. It seats five, not 1005. I always got a seat. The temperature was controllable by me. No pickpockets. No dead guys (well, one time, but that’s not important right now). The only moisture was in my water bottle. Oh, and the traffic isn’t any worse in Los Angeles than it is here.

Which commute would you choose?

Sigh. I hate this city.