New York City — Town of Pussies

With all of New York complaining like little girls over this worst-snowstorm-in-history that will allegedly hit at any moment, it is time to declare that New York City is officially a town of pussies.

Remember when New York was tough? Depending on how old you are, probably not; it’s been quite a while. We used to be a hearty lot; we would laugh in the face of danger. Or snow. Now we whimper, afraid of a little adversity.


Look no further than school closings. During my days as a New York City Public School kid, schools closed just once — the Great Blizzard of 1978 (that was during finals and I was off anyway, so I didn’t really get a snow day out of it. In fact, I have never had a snow day in my life. Us news people have to work during snow storms; we don’t get off like some banker or non-essential person).

Anyway, schools did not close again until a storm in 1996. Eighteen years. Since then, schools routinely close whenever there is a moderately strong storm (one time, schools were closed in advance of a predicted storm. And guess what? It fizzled out. Not one flake fell. Not one).


And remember in 2015, when the wimp governor Andrew Cuomo shut down the subways because of a ‘Snowmageddon” that ended up to just be a regular old storm? Subway trains run underground, genius — they are the perfect transportation during a snowstorm! And he also declared an 11pm curfew, lest someone slip on a patch of ice and damage a pinkie. Too bad this Cuomo is not more like his father. He is like his dad, though, in that they were both crappy governors, but at least Mario was tough.

So enjoy your snow storm. Just make sure you bundle up and wear a helmet if you go outside. On second though, stay inside. It is probably far too dangerous out there for you.

Sigh. I hate this city.