MTA’s Disrespect of Subway Riders Knows No Bounds

I had an experience on the subway tonight that illustrates just how little respect the MTA has for the people of New York who rely on the trains to get around.


I found myself riding the 1 train home tonight (I was chasing down a rumor of a McRib sighting at Broadway and 71st St. Don’t ask). The train was crowded with the usual delays boarding and unboarding passengers, so at 110th St., the conductor announced that we were behind schedule and that the next stop would be 137th St. That meant skipping 116th St. and the very busy 125th St. stops.

We were told a train right behind us was making all the stops. People had to scramble to get off the train so they could catch that train.

From 137th St, the train skipped to 168th St. It made the next stop at 181st St., but that was the last stop in Manhattan — the next stop would be 225th St.

How rude is this? People had to get off of their train to get another one (which I’m sure was not really “right behind” us). How soon would that train get crowded and delayed? It is just a nasty thing to do in the middle of rush hour, when people are trying to get home after a long day of work.

Hey MTA, if the trains are so crowded, why not try putting more trains on the subway tracks, especially during rush hour? That would be far more efficient than randomly skipping stations, leaving people inconvenienced.

Sigh. I hate this city.