Hey MTA, What’s “Late Nights,” Exactly?

If you ride the subways on a daily basis (God help us all), then you’ve probably seen a sign that says something like “late nights (fill in the blank train) stops here.” I have one question for the esteemed board members at the fine agency that is the MTA — what do you consider “late nights?”


If you’re an early bird, 9pm might be late night for you. For night owls, what, 2am? For the MTA? It is anyone’s guess.

On my train line, late nights mean 11pm. That’s when the A switches from the express track and starts running local. How do I know that? My wife told me when I moved back to this wretched city. How did she find out? Someone on the platform saw her confused look and told her. How did that person find out? Who knows.

It is another example of the MTA withholding vital information from us. Why would it do that? So it does not have to order new signs when the MTA decides to randomly switch the train schedule? Or is it just the usual disregard for its passengers (I’m sorry, customers)?

I’ll go with the latter. There really is no reason for the ambiguous signs. Just like there is no reason we are left standing on platforms for trains that will never come and with no announcement or guidance from MTA employees about what is going on.

The MTA does not care about us in the least. Which is funny because we rely on its services so much in the course of our daily lives.

Sigh. I hate this city.