Ydanis Rodriguez — Hypocritical Council Member

I know what you’re thinking — a hypocritical politician?! The horror! But the fact that my local council member, Ydanis Rodriguez, is running for re-election is particularly galling, considering his past stance on a major issue. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must say that I considered a primary challenge of Rodriguez in Washington Heights/Inwood’s District 10. I even

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NYC Election Day Ridiculousness

Before I moved to sunny Los Angeles, I used to look forward to Election Day; getting in that private booth and flicking those little levers for my candidates of choice. Now, casting my vote is far less satisfying and if today was any indication, far less efficient. Another example of change in New York for the worse. Remember those old

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Why is NYC Adding Crosswalk Buttons?

On one of my first days in sunny Los Angeles, I was waiting patiently to cross the street (yes, people do walk there). The lights cycled through, but I never got a walk signal. Puzzled, I looked around and spotted a crosswalk button. Sure, we had those things in New York growing up, but they didn’t work; pressing the button

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Top Hot Dogs in New York

Following my award-winning (?) post on the top hamburgers in New York, I decided to give hot dogs the same treatment. Hot dogs are perhaps the most fun food there is. That’s why they are rarely served at funerals. Eating one almost makes me forget I live in this awful city. Just like with the hamburgers, I will not dissect

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Great, Now NYC Cockroaches Might Take Flight

nyc cockroach

So how hot and moist is it out there? So hot that New York’s ever-present population of cockroaches might decide to take flight. Apparently all of New York’s roaches are equipped with wings, but they never use them because they do not have to fly to get food. The city is so disgusting, there is food virtually everywhere. Of course,

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Top Hamburgers in New York

So let’s see how I can rationalize this piece of click bait… oh wait, hamburgers are moist, so there you go! I am a big fan of hamburgers, and I’ve got to admit there are lots of good ones here (so maybe New York is not all bad!). This is by no means a definitive list; it is just some

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